Wood Furniture Victoria

Wood Furniture Victoria

Professionally Crafted Wood Furniture in Victoria British Columbia

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If you’ve ever dreamed about having beautiful custom wood furniture …

Let’s sit down and talk about it. We’ll meet up for a coffee and discuss your vision. Every person has within them a place and an idea for a truly custom piece. From our ideas we’ll create a sketch and then a plan of how we can bring your ideas to life. I’ll then set to work in my shop and craft your piece. In a mere matter of weeks you can have your new piece of custom Victoria BC wooden furniture in your home. For all to see!

For years now, I’ve worked with people, just like yourself, to design indoor and outdoor wood furniture. I’ve designed and created tables, armoires, lamps, desks, beds, custom made A/V entertainment units and a whole lot more. In addition, I’ve worked with people to conceptualize and create outdoor spaces that were both unique and practical, which included custom made benches and tables. I’ve also worked with designers to bring their designs and ideas to life.

Call me today, to arrange a time to meet, so we can get you that piece of gorgeous wooden furniture that you’ve been dreaming about.


Chantecler Artisan

Victoria British Columbia

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